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At Verity, we are devoted to true wellbeing. It is our dedication to educate and empower our community to achieve and maintain a well-balanced health, and it’s our duty to help and prevent various ailments and conditions.

Through practice and experience, we believe that our bodies are endowed with the power of defending against any disease. By means of traditional medicine, acupuncture, and individually appropriate nutrition, we focus on enabling this remarkable power to function properly and efficiently. The solutions, and the most effective prevention, are within our own control, with the food we eat, and the life style we practice.

Our mission and commitment is to provide an effective treatment using Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  We perform a thorough diagnosis of your body constitution, and in-turn, based on principles of organ system balance, prescribe a suitable food regimen and/or acupuncture treatment plan specific to you.

At Verity, we focus on healing the root cause of the problem by concentrating on the whole person,  not just the symptoms. During your initial 1 1/2 hour visit, we will closely examine and observe your physical and psychological state,  and design a specific treatment plan to fit your individual profile. By directing treatment toward enhancing the body’s immune system, strengthening organ functions, and encouraging the proper flow of energy, we help your body heal itself.  We use ECM and TCM acupuncture along with holistic nutritional counseling based on both ancient and current wisdom.

We teach our patients to prevent the recurrence of illness through continued awareness, renewal of physical well-being, and preserving balance by following their Constitution’s specific food intake program, and receiving acupuncture treatment. As maintaining health and wellness strongly depends on the golden key, the food we eat, you can improve your health and achieve true wellness by adhering to your Constitution’s food regimen and recommended treatment plan that specifically suits you and your Constitution needs. 

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The Verity difference is the integrative application of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eight Constitution Medicine, and Traditional Nutrition treatment, as your care is highly personalized to restore balance, promote physical and emotional health, and true wellbeing.

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