Vesicotonia (Water Yin) constitution has strong Bladder (Kidney) and weak Stomach/Spleen (Pancreas) system relative to the other organs.

Order of Organs (strongest to weakest):
Bladder> Gallbladder >Small Intestine > Large Intestine > Stomach

General Inclination

Vesicotonia are detail oriented and patient.  They are gentle, sensitive yet realistic and reserved.   Vesicotonia are calm and quiet, however if unhealthy, they tend to get negative, stubborn, closed minded, suspicious, and greedy.

Since they have weak stomach, eating cold food will cause them to have digestive tract problems and gastroptosis.  Consumption of warm food, light eating throughout the day, and infrequent perspiration is best suitable for them to maintain balance and health.

These general tendencies are not absolute.

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