Renotonia (Water Yang) constitution has strong Kidney (Bladder) and weak Pancreas (Stomach/Spleen) relative to the other organ systems.

Order of Organs (strongest to weakest):
Kidney > Lung > Liver > Heart > Spleen

General Inclination

Renotonia are generally patient and are good listeners for the thoughts and concerns of others. They tend to be perfectionists, attend to the details, are organized, and have sound finishing style. They do not trust others easily, rarely express anger, are calm and collected. They are good writers, like logical things over emotional ones.  

Usually, Renotonia do not sweat, but if unhealthy they sweat frequently.  They tend to get ill more during the hot summer.  Renotonia may complain that they have constipation but that does not progress into severe illness.

Even though eating cold food will cause digestive complications for Renotonia, cold bath is beneficial for them.  They tend to get diarrhea after eating cold food and melons. They commonly enjoy sweet food.

These general tendencies are not absolute.

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