Pancreotonia (Earth Yang) constitution has strong Spleen (Pancreas, Stomach) and weak Kidney(Bladder) relative to the other organs.

Order of Organs (strongest to weakest):
Spleen(Stomach) > Heart > Liver > Lung > Kidney

General Inclination

Pancreotonia are positive, straightforward, active, and sociable. They tend to get offended easily but overcome it quickly.  Pancreotonia are generally impatient, restless, highly curious, and can be temperamental or misspeak.Their health is directly related to their self-possession or coolness. Therefore, their health practice should be to always maintain calmness and to not hurry, rush, or get restless within. They like to help others even for the cost of not finishing their own task;they are passionate, have strong sense of justice, and are usually good painters because of their exceptional sense of color.

Pancreotonia have strong digestive power and appetite, nevertheless they must avoid the food group that is harmful for their constitution. They have the tendency to get diarrhea when they consume spicy food.  Consuming foods such as chicken, herbal medicine, apples, and spicy food add heat to their pancreas which may cause them to be susceptible to diabetes and more impatient symptoms.  Alcohol and cold baths are detrimental for them. Diseases common in Pancreotonia are infertility, vitiligo, diabetes, and heart disease. Pancreotonia generally have a low blood pressure.

These general tendencies are not absolute.

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