Hepatonia (Wood Yang) constitution has a strong liver (gall bladder) and weak lungs (large intestine)comparatively to the other organs. Hepatonia also has relatively strong kidney (bladder) and weak pancreas (stomach).

Order of Organs (Strongest to Weakest):
Liver > Kidney > Heart > Pancreas > Lung

General Inclination

Hepatonias are usually quiet and reserved. They easily understand and embrace or forgive people. They tend to be realistic yet overly ambitious about achieving results rather than appreciating the process of working.

A meat diet will cause this individual to sweat more frequently and fall asleep easily which is a sign of good health for them. Activities that cause sweating, such as competitive sports and sauna, help them in relaxing their minds as well as their naturally over- excited liver.

High blood pressure is naturally common for a Hepatonia, therefore, they must be cautious when taking medication for high blood pressure. It is recommended that Hepatonia patients with lower abdominal indigestion, arthritis, skin diseases, depression, or high cholesterol, avoid seafood and increase their pasture raised meat intake. It should be noted that drinking wine is harmful to Hepatonia.

These general tendencies are not absolute.

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