Gastrotonia (Earth Yin) constitution has a strong Stomach (Spleen/Pancreas) system, weak Bladder, and relatively weak Gallbladder.

Order of Organs (strongest to weakest):
Stomach > Large Intestine > Small Intestine>Gallbladder> Bladder

General Inclination

Gastrotonia constitutions are rare. They usually have allergic reaction to antibiotic, and penicillin shock is common for their constitution. They should be careful with medications and herbal medicine in general due to the severe side effects for them. Alcohol and cold baths are detrimental for Gastrotonia.
Generally, they are not very sociable, they are sensitive but frank and strict with others, and are meticulous and devoted workers. Gastrotonia are impatient yet cheerful, positive, and honest. They have a good sense of aesthetics.

Their strong and overexcited stomach causes them indigestion.  Digestive problem in Gastrotonia usually accompanies headaches and pain throughout the body.  Consuming spicy food, apple, herbal medicine, and chicken result anxiety disorder for Gastrotonia. Diseases common in Gastrotonia are infertility, and diabetes.

These general tendencies are not absolute.

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