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TCM and ECM Nutrition differs from western nutrition in that it does not rely on analyzing merely the chemical elements of each food. Instead, it determines the properties, nature, energies, and effectiveness of each food as they relate to balancing various organs and the body as a whole.

Further, based on the individual’s body constitution, one should follow the food regimen and nutrition that is best suited for their health and well-being.  Each constitution’s food intake plan is categorized in 3 groups based on the energetic nature and the effect of the foods on the body as follows:

  • Good for You: Foods that are most beneficial for your health. Consuming them balances your organ system.
  • Better to Avoid: Food that you should eat in moderation and rarely, and  should not be a large portion of any meal.
  • Bad for You: Foods that are harmful to your well- being, and contribute to your illness.

To see a list of food groups and their effects on your health click below on the appropriate regimen for  your constitution:

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Organic Foods

It is highly recommended that you consume organic and non- genetically modified foods (non-GMO), and that all meats be 100% Grass Fed or pasture raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Try to eat fruits and vegetables which are locally “in-season”, and  that are beneficial to your Constitution.

Be aware and conscious of how you react to foods, and note your physical and mental/emotional rise and fall or wellness.

Do not rely on just your palate, taste, and enjoyment of certain foods as they may have been developed by habit and are not necessarily indicative of your Constitution or health.  Instead, focus on your health condition and on the effect and the results of your eating habits.

The regimens listed on our website are general recommendations and are not absolute. We may alter certain food recommendations based on your specific condition.

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