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About ECM & TCM

Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) form a comprehensive system of healing that has been proven effective in East Asia, with TCM being practiced for over 2500 years. Although Asian Medicine is still relatively new as a healthcare option in the United States, it is one of the fastest growing health care modalities today. As the benefits of ECM and TCM become better understood and accepted, it is being integrated into mainstream Western healthcare system. As a patient you will immediately notice the depth and breadth of ECM and TCM consultation, which goes far beyond your basic medical history.

About Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM)

Why does one get tired after eating a meal? Why is one allergic to a particular food or medication and others are not?  Why does one get angry easily but another is calm from the moment they were born? The answer to these and similar questions is that each person’s make-up, or constitution, is different.

ECM goes back to the founder Dr. Je-ma Lee who had an incurable disease that  western/common medicine had no cure for.  Consequently, he pursued Traditional Chinese Medicine,  and studied acupuncture and oriental medicine to find a cure for himself.  He discovered that everyone is born with a different constitution based on their genetics and physiology being either like their mother or father, as far as the relative strength and weaknesses of their organs.  The same applies to our physical appearance, we look like either of our parents or a combination of both.

Therefore, it only makes sense that not everyone should be medically treated the same, but rather that treatments should be based on each individual’s specific constitution. For example, we repeatedly see that people with the same disease or condition react differently to a food or a medication.  This is because of their constitution.  Once again, the answer to the above questions is that each person’s constitution is different.  That is, someone born with weak Lungs cannot be treated the same way as someone born with strong lungs.  With this discovery, Je-ma Lee invented the 4 Constitution Medicine and 4 needle acupuncture technique in 1850, and he was able to finally treat and cure himself.

Following Dr. Je-ma lee, in 1960 Dr. Dowon Kwon discovered that there are not just four constitutions, but actually eight, and founded  8 Constitution Medicine and completed the constitution medicine diagnosis and treatment formulae.

In ECM, a specialized pulse taking technique is used to diagnose your constitution (your make up) to identify what your strengths and weaknesses are (which appear inherently in the organ system, shape, character, personality, etc.).   The eight constitutions are:

Your constitution will dictate what food groups to eat or avoid to help your body to heal itself. That is, by following the right Food Regimen based on your constitution, you can help strengthen the weak and the deficient, or balance the overactive and the excess condition that you have. 

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Additionally, acupuncture treatment and formulas that are specific to your constitution are used to enhance the healing and the process of balancing.

ECM and TCM Acupuncture

Eight constitution and Traditional Medicine view the body as an intricate system of organs connected by pathways known as meridians. Good health depends upon the smooth flow of energy, or Qi(Chi), through these meridians. When the flow of Qi is blocked or disrupted, pain and illness result.

ECM/TCM Acupuncture restores the smooth flow of Qi by inserting fine, hair-like needles at specific points along the meridians. As the flow of Qi returns to normal, health and well-being are gradually restored.

TCM Acupuncture needles are thin and flexible, thereby permitting virtually painless insertion. Treatments last from 30-45 minutes. Patients describe the TCM sessions as pleasant and relaxing.

ECM acupuncture technique differs from TCM acupuncture in that there is no retention of needles. Also, pre-defined formulas consisting of series of acupoints for specific conditions, based on the individual’s constitution, are stimulated in a specific order and repetition. ECM treatment sessions require less time in needling, are very potent in bringing balance and self-healing even though they are relatively less relaxing.  ECM treatment lasts 15-20 minutes.

Verity Acupuncture clinic uses only sterile disposable needles that are properly disposed of after each treatment, eliminating the possibility of contamination and disease transmission.

Natural Therapeutic Herbs and Formula

For thousands of years, Asian practitioners have studied and employed a vast array of medicinal herbs for their healing properties. Western pharmacology is beginning to acknowledge these natural counterparts that lack the side effects of processed pharmaceuticals.

At Verity we use therapeutic herbs which have been proven safe and effective through centuries of use. We purchase our herbs from reliable sources in the United States. With TCM, most of the time we prescribe herbs in conjunction with acupuncture and other treatments. Herbs are extremely effective in unblocking the flow of Qi and fortifying internal organs. We use herbal formulas specifically for the individual needs of the patient. Even with the same diagnosis, it is unlikely that two patients will receive the same herbal prescription.

ECM and TCM treatment results demonstrate that, in-deed we are endowed within us with the power of defending against any disease, and that traditional medicine, acupuncture and traditional nutrition enables this remarkable power to function properly and efficiently as it is designed to do so.

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