Colonotonia (Metal Yin) constitution has strong Large Intestine (Lung) and weak Gallbladder (Liver) relative to the other organ systems.

Order of Organs (strongest to weakest):
Large Intestine >Bladder> Stomach>Small Intestine>Gallbladder

General Inclination

Colonotonia individuals have  strong character and image, tend to be good leaders, and are very sociable and talkative. They are intuitive and have inescapable influence on others. They are generally cheerful, adventurous, emotional, and sensitive but do not get excited easily.  Also, they tend to have many different talents and expertise.  Their acute hearing gives them great potential for music.

When they are unhealthy they tend to be negative, passive, stubborn, and suspicious. Consumption of meat and medication will cause fatigue, indigestion, kidney failure, lupus, and various persistent diseases such as MS, and Parkinson’s.  Excessive perspiration may cause them to get easily fatigued.  Also, anger is very harmful for them.

Most important for Colonotonia constitution is to not consume meat and avoid medication as much as possible.  Additionally, if they notice muscle apathy symptoms they should take extra precautions.

These general tendencies are not absolute.

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